Basic Spill Kit

  • Best in class compact spill kits intended for use on vehicles where space is a premium
  • Equipped with splash goggles and nitrile gloves for protection when remediation of chemical spills is a necessity
  • Also comes with a resealable 5lb bag of Nviroclean and our quality Nvirowipe
  • Available in 2 sizes: Small container has all items listed above, large containers have all items listed above plus a 3’ absorbent sock.

5 lb Bag

  • Good size for spills or general cleanup around home, small businesses, on vehicles, or anywhere a small package with a big capability is needed
  • Quality resealable double layered bag that can be refilled and reused or recycled.

1.5 Cu.Ft. Bag

  • Good all-around industrial size where a quantity reserve is needed
  • Great for refilling larger industrial containers like resealable drums

Marine Grade

  • Designed to remediate spills of lighter than water fluids on water
  • Simply spread on the spill and skim contaminated product off the water for disposal

Absorbent Socks

  • Perfect for applications where loose product is not desired
  • Can be used like a mop to clean up right away or it can be deployed as stationary to address long term needs

Marine Grade Socks

  • Our Marine Grade product in a convenient sock
  • For use on lighter than water fluids such as oil & fuels on water


  • Great for removing stains on concrete and other surfaces
  • Removes oil, silicone, rubber, and other stains
  • Great for cleaning parts