The Environment is the Future

This is a truly amazing product that is a natural mineral from the earth with just a small amount of H2O added at a certain point in the blending.  It has been known to pick up any kind of oil (viscosity could be thin or supper thick such as hydraulic fluid).

It also has been a great product to sell because of its environmental correctness.  Once it brings in the spill (whatever it is), Nviroclean will encapsulate it and it will never release or  leach out into the environment.  Nviroclean has a molecule inside each particle that keeps it forever from leaching.  The raw material for this product comes from volcanic rock.  It is truly amazing.

We certainly are very blessed to have the opportunity to share this amazing product and it is a good feeling to know that we really are helping to heal the planet.

5lb bag nviroclean
nviroclean steps

5 lb Bag

  • Good size for spills or general cleanup around home, small businesses, on vehicles, or anywhere a small package with a big capability is needed
  • Quality resealable double layered bag that can be refilled and reused or recycled.

1.5 Cu.Ft. Bag

  • Good all-around industrial size where a quantity reserve is needed
  • Great for refilling larger industrial containers like resealable drums

Basic Spill Kit

  • Best in class compact spill kits intended for use on vehicles where space is a premium
  • Equipped with splash goggles and nitrile gloves for protection when remediation of chemical spills is a necessity

Marine Grade

  • Designed to remediate spills of lighter than water fluids on water
  • Simply spread on the spill and skim contaminated product off the water for disposal

Absorbent Socks

  • Perfect for applications where loose product is not desired
  • Can be used like a mop to clean up right away or it can be deployed as stationary to address long term needs